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Nov 07, 2007 at 11:44 AM

sending smartform mail via action


Hi Gurus,

I want to send a smart form via mail to either employee responsible or responsible group based on the following condition.

1) To emoloyee responsible : - if employee responsible present and responsible group not present.

2) To responsible group:- if responsible group present and employee responsible not present.

3) To employee responsible:- If both present.

Now while configuring action we can give condition for partner determination nor can we give more than two partner function.

I was thinking of making a Z processing class and Z Processing method by copying the standard one and calling those in the action.

Only I will change the table mail_recipient passed to the function module called.

But the question is how to fill the table based on the partner number because mail_recipient is of type SWOTOBJID.

Thanks in advance