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New custom condition screen in sales and quote

Oct 02, 2017 at 08:19 AM


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Hi Friends,

I have a requirement to have a custom condition screen (same functionality of condition tab with different format). while new button in clicked in Sales/Quote Transactions.

I found function module PRICING_SELECT_LINE ,PRICING_BUILD_XKOMV and pricing fire while clicking condition tab and the standard functionality is executed.

I am planning to have a z function group with new screen and add button in MV45A 4050 SCREEN and call the new screen in z function group while new button in screen 4050 is clicked

shall i use above function module to achieve the standard functionality(calling routine)

of condition tab?

Please share me if it can be achieved with better approach.



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1 Answer

Jelena Perfiljeva
Oct 05, 2017 at 04:26 PM

Don't do it. What is wrong with the standard Condition tab, anyway? It's one of the best tabs in the transaction IMHO. You can navigate to the pricing analysis, to the conditions, update pricing, etc. There are just a few columns, not even a need to scroll horizontally. Seems pretty clear to me...

"Different layout" doesn't really seem like a valid business requirement IMHO to add a custom screen. You could try to enhance the standard tab instead but really, I fail to see what is wrong with it to begin with.

Considering where SAP UX strategy is going, this whole development will also be a throwaway, possibly sooner than you think.

I'd go back to ask the "why" question.

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Ah, the elusive "why" question that no one ever wants to ask... In fact my favorite question and usually the first one out of my mouth.


Users might not like the condition screen one of for these reasons:

  • They are not happy with the order of cells. This can be done with no development effort, a simple variant does the trick.
  • They have too many lines that are unimportant to them. This can happen for example if the pricing procedure is really complex and you have many subtotals for technical purposes. It might be possible to simplify the display without sacrificing correctness by applying pricing requirements to subtotals where these are not relevant. Or it may be a good idea to revise the current pricing concept after discussing with the business. Or one could look for ways to hide some technical conditions from display with authorizations.
  • Or maybe the users are most often interested in just a few conditions or subtotals, not the whole pricing logic. In this case one can try making use of predefined price elements and reduce the need to navigate to condition screen.

Great points and none of them requires a custom screen. I rest my case. :)