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Nov 07, 2007 at 10:30 AM

Only 1 LSO Appraisal Template avail for assigning to HRLSO TEMPL



We are currently building LSO Training Management in SAP ERP 2005.

Objective Settings and Appraisals is also used concurrently.

The following appraisal templates has been configured in PHAP_CATALOG under Category Group SAP Learning Solution

Category Group / Category / Template


<b>SAP Learning Solution</b>

<b> Training course appraisal: Classroom</b>

Classroom Training <i>(standard SAP provided)</i>

Classroom Training - Anonymous <i>(standard SAP provided)</i>

Customer Course Evaluation <i>(customer specific)</i>

<b> Training course appraisal: WBT</b>

Web-based Training <i>(standard SAP provided)</i>

I would like to set the default appraisal template to Customer Course Evaluation whenever I activate appraisals in transaction LSO_PSV2 from Participation > Appraisals > Create whilst clicking on the course.

In order to acheive the above, in the config setting for HRLSO TEMPL , I will need to assign the appraisal template.

The problem is the <b>only</b> appraisal template that allows me to select when I click on the search help is Web-based Training. Not any others.

Is there any config setting that needs to be taken care of so as to get the search help top pop up Customer Course Evaluation for my config selection as well ?