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Oct 02, 2017 at 12:06 AM

Actual Cost transfer from PS to PPM Item


Hi Gurus,

I am working on PPM 1.0 on Hana 1610 version. I did the following settings

1. Configured Financial Views, groups, Categories and front end configutation

2 Defined Financial Settings for portfolio types

3. Base system Interface >>Defined Financial Planning settings - Linked the cost element to value type 4.

5. I have created a PS project and assigned WBS to PPM item (object link)

6. Executed RPM_FICO_DATA_TRANSFER (no error or warning)

7. Executed /RPM/FICO_INT_PLANNING (No warning or error)

8. Checked Table RPM_FIDATA. Data exists for Valute type 04 and cost element for the associated Item.

However, I am still not seeing the Actual cost updated on the PPM item Financial Planning screen.

Can someone please help,. what am I missing?