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Oct 01, 2017 at 10:06 PM

Created On date in MSR_CRD vs MSR_TRC_C


Hi, we are implementing SAP solution to Canada and system wise we are on NZST. Plant and shipping point etc are on Canada time zone, e.g. EST. Canada date is one day behind NZ. What we found out is that that the created on date is not taken into consideration when running report/transaction MSR_CRD. For example, I created a return order on 28.09. 2017 Canada time, but this transaction will not list the order if I run based on 28.09.2017 as the created on date. I have to assign 29.09.2017 and it will work. However, the same date in transaction MSR_TRC_C works perfectly fine. It looks like date conversion is done for MSR_TRC_C but not MSR_CRD. I could not find any SAP note on this so am not sure whether there are other settings to be done. Can someone please provide some pointers on this before I raise an issue with SAP?

I also noted the same issue with transaction like V23 for blocked sales document.