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Nov 07, 2007 at 08:21 AM

Missing ending zero in VC application when using BI query as data source



We constructed a KPI dashboard in VC which is uniquely based on BI

queries as source dataproviders.

In these BI queries we have configured our keyfigures in such a way

that we use the scaling factors (* 1000) and "no decimals".

In our VC appliction we placed these keyfigures in a table via an

expression box.

Now we noticed a very strange and annoying behaviour which I will

explain via an example.

Imagine that our BI query returns the following values :

Division Net turnover

North 1121 EUR

East 1009 EUR

West 1030 EUR

==> In the Visual Composer this will be showed as follows (watch the

figure for Division West) in the table

Division Net turnover

North 1121 EUR

East 1009 EUR

West 103 EUR (the last digit of the amount, representing a 0 is


So after analyzing we clearly learned that we are ALWAYS loosing the

last digit of a keyfigure when it should be representing a 0.

As a temporary workaround we saw that the problem can be bypassed when

we define some decimals again in the BI Query designer but this is not

our purpose as we don't want any decimals, not in the query and not in

the VC.

Any other ideas ?