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Nov 07, 2007 at 06:40 AM

QM -For same MIC valuation Insp Typt 3 lot rejected and Type 4 lot accepted


Hi All ,

We have noticed that SAP seems to apply a different rounding algorithm for "valuating" data values entered into an 03 lot inspection versus a 04 lot inspection. That is, a test value was entered into an 03 lot inspection and was valuated by SAP as "Accepted". The same value when inputted into a 04 lot inspection was valuated by SAP as "Rejected".

For example, the value was 41.5 was valuated by SAP against the range of 32 - 41 for both 03 and 04 inspection lots. The 03 lot was "Accepted" but the 04 lot was "Rejected".

The same MIC number is used for both the 03 and 04 lot inspections. Within the MIC there were zero decimal places specified for the "valuated'"result.

Why was the value of 41.5 accpeted in the 03 lot and rejected in the 04 lot?

Even though same sampling procedure used..