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Nov 06, 2007 at 11:33 PM



I have an intergration process which works perfectly.

I am sending a message and then waiting for a response and then sending confirmation.

I have a dealine for the process which basically says if I don't receive the response and hence complete the process within 10 minutes then cancel the whole process.

The problem is once this process is cancelled the response may come... mayvv=be 10 minutes later which is actually to late for the business requirement that I have and hence this response should then ignored.

But what is actually happening is I think the response is looking for a relevant process to join but because the proces is already cancelled there is no correlation and then I get a sysfail message and this then proceeds to block the queue for the process.

My question is it there a way to have these messages completely disregarded so that thy don't cause any aggravation or to automatically unblock the queue in the event of a sysfail error.

Surely this is a requirement others have had... how to handle a message that doesn't belong to any process instance?