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Nov 06, 2007 at 10:26 PM

Adobe events in HCM forms?


We are currently implementing HCM Processes and Forms (nope, not the good ol' PCRs that seemed like a walk in the park. haha). Anyways, I have traced through config for the "Transfer" process and documented each and every little step and setting so I can get a complete, overall understanding of how the pieces are all tied together. However, I am not seeing or finding the connection of how you "tell" a form object (like a button) to "fire" a particular function/method (via BAdI for generic services....basic or advanced) on the backend. I can see where for instance a button will fire the "USER_EVENT_CHECK" but I see no correlation to that and the method "GET_FORMATTED_NAME" for instance. Any help in connecting those dots for me? I know we are going to have lots of value helps and defaults and such as well as buttons to do searches of sort (like populating a drop-down once values are entered) so I want to get a full handle on what is actually going on here. Thanks in advance!

Almost forgot....ECC6...ALD 7.1.3129