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Nov 06, 2007 at 09:06 PM

Data Manager Display Problem 5.5 SP04 Patch4 HF1


Hi All,

I have a situation that I hope someone has seen before and knows how to resolve. We're slowly building up a repository by migrating data from an old system and recently I imported the last 2K records and now a good portion of my user community having a Data Manager display problem. However, there are some individuals that aren't having a problem.

The symptoms are that much of the data only partially displays on the screen. For example, a model number might be 1000VSK but in Data Manager it only shows 10... and the user has to hold their mouse over the field to get the popup to tell them what model number they are actually looking at.

I've looked at the amount of RAM in the machines, what version of gdiplus.dll file they have, hard disk space, etc and have compared to those machines that don't seem to have a problem and I can't find any significant differences that might explain this.

Does anyone have any ideas or have you seen this behavior before?

Best Regards,