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Nov 06, 2007 at 08:30 PM

Keyfigure Summation issue in planning layout


Hello Everybody,

In a query, I have a keyfigure and the Sum of the this Keyfigure should to transfered to a variable. Is it


The scenario as follows, I have a planning layout query where the data are entered the query looks like this.

Where the user enters the amount value.


costcenter| Amount

1000 | 250

2000 | 200

3000 | 100


This Sum(amount) should be checked against a table in the system this table looks like



Kurt Romer| 1000

Krishna Kar|2000


for this checking i need the Sum(amount) value to be taken in a variable.

I am not sure whether this is possible.

I am also thinking of FOX solution where I can sum the amount.

Is it possible with Virtual keyfigures!?

Any idea or any direction which leads to a solution is welcomed. Thanks indeed.