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Sep 28, 2017 at 11:10 PM

SAP Fiori client (certificate error message)


SAP Gurus,

We are working on an SAP Fiori implementation currently and are running into errors with the certificate authentication via SAP fiori client app.

Background: We have the SSL correctly configured on our Fiori Sandbox Web dispatcher because when I access the page from the internal Desktop, It shows me its secure and does not ask me to bypass the certificate.

Problem: The problem I am having is when I plug in the same URL to the SAP Fiori client app on the phone I receive a certificate error. Technically I am on mobile iOS but I am hooked up to my companies wirless network (thus inside our network). We have plans to use F5 for our VPN service but have not gotten that far yet. I know my certificate is working because I can use it on a browser on the phone and it lets me through.

Error: "The page cannot be displayed due to a problem with the server certificate. Certificate error.

I find it peculiar that at the bottom it shows our page address

When I go to the log it shows SMP_LOGGER_INFO "invalid registration object and also SMP_AUTH_PROXY error.

Please help!


Daniel Capps