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Nov 06, 2007 at 01:37 PM

Help with custom attributes in PPOMA_BBP



I have added a custom cost center attribute in PPOMA_BBP. I basically a copied existing attribute CNT (cost center). I created a data element and added it to BBP_ATTR_F1. I used OOATTRCUST to add the attribute and made an entry in BBP_ATTR_PROP using SE16. Also, I copied function module BBP_ATTR_F4_ACC and revised for created a custom help module.

The search help works fine in PPOMA_BBP but the selected value is brought back, the value is initally placed the field next to the source system field. However, after a second or two the source system is placed in the custom attribute field and the source system field is blanked out. The same thing happens when maintaining the value manually without using search help.

Is there something I missed?

Regards, Dean.