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Nov 06, 2007 at 01:34 PM

Report program through ALV_Grid


can any help me to write the coding of this report program

1. Define selection screen with KNA1-KUNNR, VBRK-FKDAT

2. Select Data from Database (with "inner join")

Tables: Customer KNA1, KNVV

SalesDocument VBAK - Head, VBAP - Positions

Invoice VBRK - Head, VBRP - Positions

Document Flow VBFA -

Invoice (VBFA_VBTYP_V = M) ->

Delivery (VBFA_VBTYP_V = J) ->

SalesOrder (VBFA-VBTYP_V = C) ->

Sales Document Data

Sales Document Partner Data VBPA (Parvw = AG, WE) - Partner Number

Customer Adress Data etc. KNA1, KNVV

3. Create Dictionary Structure for Output Data

4. Create Dynpro (Screen 9000)

5. Create ALV Grid Object and Call Method "set_table_for_first_display" of alv obj in PBO Module of Screen