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Looking for workday table

Oct 03, 2017 at 10:39 AM


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Trying to identify where Business One stores workdays. We can see the holidays, and we know how to define workdays, but we cannot find the file that says Friday, October 6 is a workday and Saturday, October 7 is a non-workday. At one point system information shows me a table named CLND, but this does not come up in queries.

The information has to be stored somewhere, otherwise MRP would not know how to skip over non-workdays.

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Oct 03, 2017 at 01:42 PM


If I am not wrong, there seems to some linking with the OHLD and HLD1 table. Because all the Holidays are listed in these tables, rest seems to be considered as working days only.

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SAP SME Support

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Thank you, but this does not resolve the issues/question.

When you look at OHLD and HLD1 you see only the records associated with the holidays that have been defined. We have our system set up such that only Monday thru Friday are defined as workdays. So I am looking for the tables where I can see October 5 (Thursday) and October 6 (Friday) as being workdays, while October 7 (Saturday) and October 8 (Sunday) are non-workdays.

MRP is able to determine this, which, logically, suggests that these "assignments" or "classifications" are stored somewhere. It seems that through release 9.1 there was a CLND table that might have held these designations, but indications are that CLND was removed from 9.2.

Is there a replacement table for CLND?


Hi Russ,

Following the ANKIT CHAUHAN 's answer. I believe that MRP consider the information on OHLD and HLD1 table.

In OHLD table you are able to see what is the first day of the weekend(WndFrm) and the last day of the weekend(WndTo), and together with this there is a flag to ignore Weekend (ignrWnd).

In general WndFrm have the value 7 that is the Saturday in day of the week, and WndTo have the value 1 that is the Sunday in day of the week.

Hope it helps.

Kind Regards,

Diego Lother