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Oct 03, 2017 at 09:56 AM

Quick Sizer Tool - BW data sources


There is a thing I can’t understand about the new Quick Sizer tool.

The new version has a row for “SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence on BW” documents. I tried to insert and remove some values in this row and, actually, SAPS/RAM change considerably.

In the Sizing Guide (July 2017) on page 21 there’s a paragraph about “BW Data Source Sizing” regarding how to calculate the resources to add, comparing to the size of the data retrieved (as a matter of fact, in previous quick sizer tool there wasn’t a row for “webis on BW”).

Now I am a bit confused: I am doing a sizing for an host with some webi docs on BW. I entered estimated values in quick sizer but… have I ALSO to add more resources, to the quick sizer results, for BW data sources ?