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Community pop-up menu still points to in some places

Oct 03, 2017 at 09:31 AM


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In some places on the site, in particular the home page, the "Community" pop-up menu contains a "Submit ideas" link in the right-hand yellow pane. That points to, which now takes you to a page that says "This Idea Place Product Idea Session has been migrated to the Customer Influence site"

I thought the pop-up menu was supposed to be the same across the whole site? But anyway, pointing to is probably wrong at this point!


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Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Steve. I'll see if we can't get the menu updated.

Could you let me know where else you might have seen this?


Thanks Jerry. The other place I spotted this was on the community tag pages (like this one -, but it seems to apply to all I have tried). The answer-specific and blogs-specific tags pages are OK, just not the combined one.

Curiously the "UK" version of the community homepage ( does not have this problem while the main homepage ( does.

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