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Can we assign different credit limit to same vendor in simple fiance ?


This is one of clients requirement, they need set up different credit limit to the same vendor. Is this possible in SAP Simple finance ?

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  • Normally credit limit check is relevant for outbound transactions (like sales).

    For vendors, if you wish to control up to what amount you can purchase products, you use release procedures, but they have little to do with credit management.

    It appears that your company's understanding of what credit limit means deviates significantly from the SAP terminology and from Investopedia's definition.

    Unfortunately, you did not provide enough details to understand the business process and based on what criteria you need to have separate limits, which makes it really hard for forum members to point you in the right direction.

  • Hi Veselina,

    Apologize,I meant to ask it for Customer.



  • Change your question then, it still says "Vendor". And explain why this is needed while at it.

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