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Oct 03, 2017 at 06:10 AM

Tax calculation on different freight condition types

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I have defined two freight condition types, getting inventorised both but value of one should not be added to taxable value. For that I have put subtotal as 6 for one condition type.

Let me put it like this -

ZFR1 - No accrual flag, Condition category Blank - To be inventriosed, no MIRO posting required. Value should not be added to taxable value-Subtotal 6.

ZFR2 - Accrual flag, To be inventriosed- MIRO-Planned delivery cost to be posted - Taxes should be calculated on ZFR2's value.

Business scenario:

PO base price: 100

ZFR1: 20 (this value should not be added to taxable value)

ZFR2: 50 (taxes should be calculated on 50 on MIRO Planned Del.Costs)

MIGO- Stock 170 Dr.

GR/IR 120 Cr.

Delivery charges: 50 Cr. (ZFR2 value)

MIRO-Planned Delivery costs-ZFR2 - Expected a/c entries: (10% Tax)

Vendor 55 Cr.

Planned Delivery costs(ZFR2 value) 50 Dr.

Tax 5 Dr.

But when selecting relevant 10% tax code, taxes are getting calculated on 30(i.e. 50-20) instead of 50. This is due to subtotal put on ZFR1 in the pricing procedure.

Kindly revert with your ideas how should I be accomplishing this task of excluding the value of ZFR1 from taxable value and getting the taxes calculated on 50 in MIRO-Planned Delivery costs for ZFR2 as the value of ZFR2 is 50.