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Oct 13, 2016 at 01:27 PM

Problems viewing reports that connect to Oracle database - Crystal Reports 2013

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We installed Crystal Reports v2013 (BI 4.1 SP 2) on RedHat 6 using this installation guide. We used an external Oracle 12c database for storing CMS data. For this we installed Oracle 12c 64-bit client and created TNSNAMES.ORA with TNS entries to this database. Everything seemed to be OK and all the services were up and running. We could verify this by logging into the CMC as administrator.

We have not installed any additional drivers or clients until that moment. Then when we tried to publish a report (designed using database connection type as ‘Oracle Server’) and run the report with the option Use original database logon information from the report, but it failed. We used the option Use custom database logon information specified hereoption and filled in the DB details ourselves and selected the Oracle driver type, and it still failed. We created a TNS entry for the service name that is being referenced in the report, but without luck. This report is trying to connect to a 11g database. The database connectivity itself works without issues from the application server to the database. We verified this using telnet, tnsping and sqlplus.

We searched around for a solution and found that we also need to install a 32-bit Oracle client to run the report (as can be found here, here and a lot of other places). So we installed Oracle 12c 32 bit client and then created duplicate environment variables with 32 postfix as suggested here, here and a lot of other support tickets. Also made sure the TNSNAMES.ORA is the same for both 64-bit and 32-bit clients. But using the BOE_USE_32BIT_ENV_FORbreaks our Processing Server and the Report Application Server processes.

Attached is the report database configuration as seen on CMC rpt-db-config.jpg

Attached is the error message we see when trying to View the repor error-message.jpg

We see the following error messages in the below log files:


|e7aea1f2-bbaf-976c-f5ce-32499273c0c3|2016101015:37:23:329|+0200|Error||==|A|| cr2013proc_cry02_int_oob_pp_ams.CrystalReports2013ProcessingServer|12974|1465160144|| ||||||||||||||||||||||TraceLog::Admin: NCS Library binary is not found.

ServerWireObject.cpp:329:-: TraceLog message 2|0ad53ac5-257b-bcb4-f33a-d23f9f6752fd|2016 10 10 15:38:26:989|+0200|Error| | |E| |cr2013proc_cry02_int_oob_pp_ams.CrystalReports2013ProcessingServer|12974|1518848880|| |86|0|2|0|CMC.WebApp|||localhost:4139:579786496.139:1||localhost:12974:1518848880.50:1|CqEtX.WJJUBTub3Tw9w_Wac3e|||||||||||ras21-core: Caught CWireObject::PropError


|d09c82e1-c1ea-c178-784b-9f246fb69784|2016101015:38:27:043|+0200|Error||==|A| |cr2013proc_cry02_int_oob_pp_ams.CrystalReports2013ProcessingServer_child_CRPE2|14570|1465160144|| ||||||||||||||||||||||TraceLog::Admin: NCS Library binary is not found.

ServerWireObject.cpp:329:-: TraceLog message 2

|1e939192-ab25-45ab-0b58-dbbd45e0b2c0|2016101015:39:21:782|+0200|Error||||E| |cr2013proc_cry02_int_oob_pp_ams.CrystalReports2013ProcessingServer_child_CRPE2|14570|1643613040|| |51|0|3|0|CMC.WebApp|||localhost:12974:1522006896.98:1||localhost:14570:1643613040.7:1|CqEtX.WJJUBTub3Tw9w_Wac5c|||||||||||ras21-core: Caught CWireObject::PropError


sessionmgr.cpp:3511:-: TraceLog message 9

|0c0a4318-232d-9690-50bb-526cec1c4e4a|2016101015:39:21:746|+0200|Error||>>|E||cms_cry02_int_oob_pp_ams.CentralManagementServer| 3882|47342493398784|| |45|0|3|0|CMC.WebApp|||localhost:12974:1522006896.98:1|cms_cry02_int_oob_pp_ams.CentralManagementServer.LogonWithTokenEx5|localhost:3882:-931105024.4308:1|CqEtX.WJJUBTub3Tw9w_Wac5c|||||||||||assert failure: (sessionmgr.cpp:3511). (0 : CSessionMgr::ValidateApplicationCUID: Attempt to login when specifying


ServerWireObject.cpp:329:-: TraceLog message 3

|6374e509-2a6f-ad26-f358-4e0b3a9395d6|2016101015:39:28:747|+0200|Error|||E| |cr2013proc_cry02_int_oob_pp_ams.CrystalReports2013ProcessingServer_child_CRPE1|13079|1660607344|| |23|0|3|0|CMC.WebApp|||localhost:12974:1525164912.103:1||localhost:13079:1660607344.36:1|CqEtX.WJJUBTub3Tw9w_Wac61|||||||||||ras21-core: Caught CWireObject::PropError


CacheObjectSharingManager.cpp:3447:-: TraceLog message 5

|7faabb6c-a365-1f29-7bbd-45f9dd6f7315|2016101015:39:28:883|+0200|Error|||E||crcache_cry02_int_oob_pp_ams.CrystalReportsCacheServer| 4139|46970342135552|| |25|0|1|0|CMC.WebApp||CMC.WebApp|||localhost:4139:579786496.152:1|CqEtX.WJJUBTub3Tw9w_Wac61|||||||||||ras21-core: ThreadObject::Update: Failure while refreshing stage 1^^

CacheObjectSharingManager.cpp:3447:-: TraceLog message 6

|15356211-3bdc-5708-f29e-72c4d0eb3a15|2016101015:39:28:883|+0200|Error|||E||crcache_cry02_int_oob_pp_ams.CrystalReportsCacheServer| 4139|46970342135552|| |25|0|1|0|CMC.WebApp||CMC.WebApp|||localhost:4139:579786496.152:1|CqEtX.WJJUBTub3Tw9w_Wac61|||||||||||ras21-core: ThreadObject::Update: Failure while refreshing stage 2^

The application logs though huge in number fail to give any useful information about what exactly is going wrong. Also the OCI driver seems to have been loaded as can be seen from the CMC.

Another observation is that all the libraries inside the path /export/cs2013/sap_bobj/enterprise_xi40/linux_x86/crpe are loaded except for the and (This is found by using lsof). All the environment variables seem to have been loaded and to make sure, we are also sourcing /export/cs2013/sap_bobj/setup/ before starting the services.

We have the following questions:

  • 1)What are the additional configurations that we are missing for the Oracle database connectivity to work?
  • 2)How can we verify that the needed Oracle drivers are loaded on the application server?
  • 3)How can we make sure that the report uses the right drivers that are loaded, as mentioned in Question 2?
  • 4)Do you have an example template report that has example configurations for the option Use custom database logon information specified here ?
  • 5)Is there a document/KB article on how to create, configure, publish and run reports for Oracle database, from Linux?
  • 6)What drivers does the system refer to when we selected Oracle from the dropdown for the ‘Database Type’ on the ‘Database Configuration’ screen?
  • 7)Is using JDBC or ODBC connections more easy and if yes, how can we do configure them?

There seem to be a lot of confusion when it comes to connecting to Oracle database from Crystal Reports installed on Linux. Browsing through similar tickets, we saw different people proposing different solutions for seemingly the same problem. We would like to suggest you to come up with a document that could help us setup our environment within a day and get to working instead of trying to fight issues, we are not supposed to. Thank you in advance. Please let us know in case you need additional information.


rpt-db-config.jpg (80.1 kB)
error-message.jpg (29.1 kB)