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Filtering By Item Properties

Oct 02, 2017 at 02:36 PM


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Hello Experts,

I am wanting to just show items that have property 20 Selected in Item Master Data - is this possible to do?

SELECT t3.slpname as "Sales Rep", t0.Cardcode as "Customer#", t0.Cardname as "Customer Name", t0.DocNum as "SO #", t1.ItemCode, t0.DocDate, t0.DocDueDate, t1.OpenQty, t1.OpenQty*T1.price AS 'Open Value', t2.onhand FROM dbo.ORDR t0 INNER JOIN dbo.RDR1 t1 on t1.docentry = t0.docentry INNER JOIN OITM t2 on t1.itemcode=t2.itemcode Inner join oslp t3 on t0.slpcode = t3.slpcode WHERE t1.LineStatus = 'O' AND t1.OpenQty > 0

Many thanks,

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Zapata Oscar Oct 02, 2017 at 04:13 PM

Hell@ James:

Only add this code at the end of your query.

AND t2.QryGroup20='Y'


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Thank you Zapata - very much appreciated.


You're welcome.