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Nov 05, 2007 at 02:26 PM

TableSorter: icons and functionality question


Hello, I have a weird problem using the TableSorter in my application.

- I have the context attribute of the java type TableSorter.

- I have an onActionSort method in the view implementation.

- I am making a TableSorter instance by the constructor of this class.

- I have set the "onSort"-property of the table which i want to be sorted with the mentioned sort action.

Done this, there are 2 different versions of the sort-"trigger" within the table caption.

1. Clicking the column header starts the sorting. Doing this, a bold icon appears left of the header showing the sorting order.

2. Right of the header there is an icon with two small arrows (up and down), which is visible from the beginning. Clicking this icon starts the sorting.

Doing all 4 steps named above, BOTH versions are present! It looks like in some way I have two instances of the TableSorter, because changing the sorting order by one of the icons does not cause the other one to be conformed.

Omiting the last one gets rid of the 2nd version. Omiting the 3rd step gets rid of the bold icon and is sorting (small arrows still there), but of course I get a NullPointerEcxeption because there is no Tablesorter instance.

<u>My question is: </u>

What do I have to do to get the 2nd version ONLY, with the small double-arrow, with full sorting functionalities of the TableSorter?

Thank you for any help.