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Sep 29, 2017 at 03:34 PM

setFilterExt on unavailable dimension data



I'm using SAP DS 1.3 and a UNX universe. I'm trying to filtering a datasource with setFilterExt method.

I've a list of values from a dimension (called DIM), loaded into a dropdown, and a query with the same dimension.

In the "On Select" event handler I put the following code:

DS.setFilterExt('DIM', DROPDOWN.getSelectedText());

If I select a value that's included in the possible values range returned by the query the datasource is correctly filtered.

But if I select a value that's NOT included in the possible values range, the following warning pops up:

Tutte le selezioni per la dimensione DIM non sono valide e sono state rifiutate

The translation sounds like: "All selections for the DIM dimension are invalid and have been discarded". Furthermore the chart bounded to the datasource doesn't change, instead of showing as the attached screenshot (expected behaviour):

("No data available").

How can I obtain the above expected behaviour and avoid the above warning to be showed ?

Thanks in advance.