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Adding New Fields in Customer Master

HI all,

Please can anyone suggest me on how to add new fields to Customer master or check if screen exits are available.

i have an need to add new field in customer master to maintained and based on this field i need to get the stock issued in MM..

Can you suggest me how to go about checking the possibility of field exits or something on screen variants in customer master.

Thanks in advance..



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2 Answers

  • Nov 05, 2007 at 08:15 AM

    Hi Aruna Kumar

    There are reserve fields in the customer master record which are not used in the standard system. They are available for use and are as follows:

    ==> Customer group 1 (View: V_TVV1 Field:KVGR1)

    ==> Customer group 2 (View: V_TVV2 Field:KVGR2)

    ==> Customer group 3 (View: V_TVV3 Field:KVGR3)

    ==> Customer group 4 (View: V_TVV4 Field:KVGR4)

    ==> Customer group 5 (View: V_TVV5 Field:KVGR5)

    You can find the fields in the customer master record under the sales and distribution data in Sales. Choose additional data under Environment.

    It is advisable to change the field description (Data elements KVGR1 to KVGR5).

    This is described in the system modifications in the Reserve fields unit of the customer master record:

    <b>Reserve Fields in Customer Master</b>

    The customer master includes reserve fields that are not assigned to any particular function. You can assign value to these fields and use them. To maintain the fields, select "Environment -> Additional data" on a customer master maintenance screen. The general data and the sales area data contain different fields:

    1. Ten fields were included in table KNA1 (general part of customer master record):

    Five two-digit fields:

    KATR 1 (Attribute 1)

    KATR 2 (Attribute 2)

    KATR 3 (Attribute 3)

    KATR 4 (Attribute 4)

    KATR 5 (Attribute 5)

    Five three-digit fields:

    KATR 6 (Attribute 1)

    KATR 7 (Attribute 2)

    KATR 8 (Attribute 3)

    KATR 9 (Attribute 4)

    KATR 10 (Atrribute 5)

    Check tables TVKO - TVK9 and the corresponding maintenance views

    V_TVV1 - V_TVK9 exist for the fields.

    2. Five three-digit fields were included in table KNVV (Sales data of the customer master record):

    KVGR1 (Customer group 1)

    KVGR2 (Customer group 2)

    KVGR3 (Customer group 3)

    KVGR4 (Customer group 4)

    KVGR5 (Customer group 5)

    Check tables TVV1 - TVV5 and the corresponding maintenance views V_TVV1 - V_TVV5 exist for the fields. The fields were included in tables VBAK, VRRP, LIPS, KUAGVZ. Value is also assigned to them in the tables, which means that they were copied from the master record of the sold-party and used in the sales and distribution transaction.


    In the standard system, the views are not included in the user interface. However, it is possible for you to include them in the user interface.

    <b>Using reserve fields</b>

    To use a reserve field of the customer master according to your requirements, proceed as follows:

    1. Change the short descriptions of the data elements by using the SAP enhancement.

    2. Choose Tools -> ABAB Workbench -> Utilities -> Enhancements -> Project management -> Text enhancements -> Key words -> Change.

    3. Maintain the corresponding entity tables TVKO-TVK9 or TVV1-TVV5.


    You want to use the reserve fields of the customer master (general part) to store the liquidity level of your customer to use for statistical analyses. Proceed as follows:

    1. Change data element KATR1:

    -> Change the short description "Attribute 1" to "Customer liquidity".

    -> Change the corresponding key words.

    2. Aktivate data element KATR1.

    3. Maintain entity table TVK1, by defining the following values:

    -> "01" good liquidity

    -> "02" average liquidity

    -> "03" poor liquidity

    4. Use the same procedure for the remaining reserve fields KATR2-KATR10.


    G. Lakshmipathi

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    Former Member
    Nov 05, 2007 at 08:42 AM

    HI Aruna,

    The screen exit for customer Master is not a direct way to find out in CMOD/SMOD.... The process to add a screen to Customer master is different...and need to be done care fully and understand the process carefully...

    Here we go:

    01. goto SM30 (Maintain Table Views)

    02. Enter V_TAMLAY0_00 and press display

    Ask you to select the Application...from the drop

    drop down select LOMDBPC_GD..this is customer master

    Application for General Data.

    03. change the layout of the screen by pressing change

    button and add new Layout ZSAP a description. and

    save it.

    04. Go back to SM30 main screen and enter V_TAMLAY1_00

    an dpress display.. it will ask for Application

    (enter LOMDBPC_GD)...then enter tab layout master

    data..which is ZSAP which you created in previoous

    step...i.e. custom layout.

    05. It displays all the Tabs in the Custome master, the

    last one should be 7. now you add new tab.. no 8

    with meaning ful description. and SAve

    06. Then goback to SM30 Main screen, enter V_TAMLAY2_00

    and press display.... then enter Application adn

    layout and the Tab number created in previous

    scree.. then enter

    07. you need to enter the position of group boxes....

    position 1, Group box S0008, the description..

    and save.

    08. goback to SM30, and enter V_TAMLAYA_00 and display...

    takes u to screen where u need to enter the

    application details...modify the application line

    which selected before and from SPRO..find out the FM

    which triggeres to create SAP and get

    the Function group...enter the Function group into

    User function group and add Z before the Function

    module and save the data....creates a FM where u use

    for modifications.

    09. Goback to SM 30 and enter V_TAMLAYB_00 and press

    display...make a new entry with screen 001 and


    this will add the screen to your customer master....

    use the Cusotme FM to do modification to the screen 001..

    Reward points pls.



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