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Nov 04, 2007 at 08:16 PM

New Install of MSCS for an Upgraded Abap System


We are currently on NW04S ECC 6.0 on WAS 700 in a MSCS, Oracle 10g. Our problem is that we are moving to new hardware and our current system uses the old MSCS (which is an upgraded system originally installed at 4.7 640 (perhaps earlier (4.6c)), which to me means that the Central Instance resides in the MSCS in the SAP Group. Our plan is to install a clustered system and do a DB restore or copy over to the new hardware. I have done the install and realize now that the ABAP MSCS install for NW04s ABAP creates the cluster a little differently – in that it looks like the Java (Portal) cluster. Only the SCS and enqueue are in the MSCS and the CI and all Dis are outside of the MSCS. This creates a problem for me in that the SCS is using the 00 system number, that on our old system the CI had, so our gui is now pointing to what would be the wrong system number, as it looks like the gui must point to to the CI system number for connection to the message server. So, I guess this means a reinstall for me and switching the system numbers. I also don’t know exactly how high availability would be created in this new setup unless you put an application switch in front of your CI and Dis, like you would with the Portal, to direct gui requests. With the old MSCS the cluster would know if the CI failed and move it to the other node, but since it resides outside of the cluster, you have to have some type of external director – right?