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what is product attribute & Product attribute block functionality?

what is product attribute & Product attribute block functionality ?

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    Nov 04, 2007 at 08:46 AM


    Product Attributes


    By defining product attributes, you take customer preferences for product substitution into account. For example, you may have customers who refuse products produced abroad, or products that contain a coupon. When you define product attributes, the system checks them in product selection, ignoring any material with a product attribute that the customer has explicitly rejected.


    You can store information for up to ten product attributes in both the material master record and the ship-to party master record:

    Define product attributes in the material master

    To assign product attributes to a material, choose Logistics ® Sales and distribution ® Master data ® Products ® Material ® < Material > ® Create or Change. Enter a material and select the Sales: Sales org. data 2 view. Mark the attributes that apply.

    Attribute 1 could be defined as a material that is packaged with a coupon, for example, while attribute 2 could indicate that the coupon is worth less than $0.50. If the material contains a coupon for $1.00, you would select attribute 1 only.

    To assign meaningful names to the attributes, refer to the documentation on reserve fields in the IMG. Choose Sales and distribution ® System Modification ® Create new fields (without condition technique) ® Reserve fields in the customer master record. Double click on this title and scroll down to the Using reserve fields section.

    Define product attributes in the customer master

    Select Logisitics ® Sales and distribution ® Master data ® Business partners ® Ship-to party (if different from the sold-to party). Enter a customer and choose the Sales view in the sales area data. Choose Environment ® Product attribute. Mark the product attributes that the customer is not willing to accept.

    For example, mark attribute 1 if the customer does not want products with coupons. Mark only attribute 2 if the customer is willing to accept a product with a coupon, but only if its value is greater than $0.50.

    If you change the ship-to partner during order entry, the system carries out a new product selection to ensure that the attributes of the product and the customer are compatible.

    Unlike in manual product selection, in automatic product selection you cannot set the system to issue a warning or error message when the preferences of the customer do not match the product attributes assigned to the material. If the customer preferences and product attributes are not compatible, the system simply does not propose the product as a possible substitute.

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