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BOM Explosion For Documents (Kitted Materials)

Sep 28, 2017 at 01:01 PM


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Currently, BOMs are exploded for Preference purposes only. The settings in ERP, Control Transfer of Bills of Product for Preference and Re-Export, are set for PP01. I am assuming that you can also set SD01 as well?

However, if so, some divisions do not explode the kits due to their nature (KMAT). So, in the interface to GTS, you see only the parent in SD0A, SD0B and SD0C. For preference, the KMAT materials are exploded.

Others, have 'sales kits', that need to be exploded at a single-level in SD0A, SD0B and SD0C. This for control and customs management. For preference, the determination, I believe that same will happen.

SAP does provide some BAdIs in ERP for SD0A, SD0B Document BOM explosions but nothing for SD0C.

Has anyone had this type of scenario? If so, how did you solve?

Regards, Dean.

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1 Answer

Dave Willis Sep 28, 2017 at 08:22 PM

Hi Dean,

It's not clear to me what exactly you want to "solve". What would you like to happen, and what currently happens?

Isn't the BoM explosion in the Billing Document controlled by the "Billing Relevance" in the Item Category? For example Billing Relevance 'M' just gives you the top level, whilst 'H' gives you all of the sub-items instead.


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Former Member

Hi Dave,

I have seen been helping lot on GTS front could you able to help the below question

am new to preference management and I need a help to get some documents for Korean with some 15 FTA need to implement. I also need understand is there any standard ways for each FTA the calculation for preference like MC,CTSH,CTH OR RVC percentage need to calculated for BOM.

I need to understand from configuration end for example from Korean imports from Singapore supplier in the BOM side how this calculation should be linked according to check the preference status.