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I am an FI guy but just looking into some billing issues that we have. We are running RV60SBAT to schedule the background billing jobs. I believe this job schedules a number of SDBILLDL jobs in the background.

As per my observation, RV60SBAT is scheduling 10 background jobs every time it is run. Only one of these jobs (usually 9th job) is successful and all the others are in cancelled status. The only message that I get from the job log is "Job cancelled after system exception ERROR_MESSAGE".

I checked ST22 and SM21 and did not find any information on this.

Can you please tell me what is causing this error and how to resolve it.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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    Posted on Nov 02, 2007 at 06:11 PM


    I have gone through similar issue. I got it resolved by doing debugging and Analyzing in difft ways.. Let me make it simple for you.

    The reason for those Job abends is.." One or some of the billing docs are giving errors while creating ". Now the task is to identify those sales docs which is giving error while creating billing doc.

    The best way is to

    -->Go to VF04 and get the billing due list for all the dates that you got the error.

    --> Sort the list by the document # ( You will know the reason latter)

    --> Now select the first few sales documents( say 50 for example) and process them collectively. Before processing the selected 50 documents,note down the 51st document # .

    --> If it 50 documents get processed successfully, then select from 51 to 100...

    If you get error in this set, then it means that the error billing doc exists in this list. So narrow down the list till you get the document thats causing the error.

    It looks to be cumbersome, You can generate much better logic to process the list once you start looking into the issue.

    <i>Reason that I followed above method was, you can't debut all the hundreds of Invoices as you won't get any error in atleast 95 % of them' SO rather than wasting your time in debugging all the invoices, try to trace out the doc thats giving you the error in the way I explained.?"</i>

    Hope it solves your issue.



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      I thought of that problem. So, we decided to clear all the existing problems in the documents that were not released to billing and start of with a clean slate.

      So, from now on, our invoice job will select only docs with current date. If we have any issues with a document, the job will cancel out. The downside is that we have to monitor for cancelled invoice jobs everyday.

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    Posted on Nov 02, 2007 at 06:12 PM


    Look at ST22 again, below the section called "Source Code Extract" on the left hand side of the page you'll see some numbers (lines in the code) then you'll see an arrow looking like this----

    >. That would be where the program failed.

    when you are about to execute the program again, enter /h in the command box, this will take you in debug. Go to Breakpoint > breakpoint at > Statement. You can enter the statement (e.g. select) you see in the line where the arrow mentioned above is press F8.

    This will not solve the problem but at least you will have a better idea what is happening

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