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Former Member
Nov 02, 2007 at 08:35 AM

SOLAR_MIGRATION of multiple projects & Change documents



We are in the process off migrating solution manager projects to a new server using solar_migration. The idea is to migrate project by project since the projects are rather large.

Now I get the idea that the generated transport contains all the change documents, also those of of other projects not yet migrated, even though I have only selected one project for the migration. The reason I get this idea is that the size of the transport files of empty migration test projects runs into several GB, so they must contains documents that do not belong to it.

This could be a problem if for instance in 2 weeks time we migrate the second project which also contains all the change documents. This second migration could then overwrite the possibly updated documents in the project we migrated first.

Is the assumption correct that you cannot limit the migration of a project to only contain the change documents of that specific project?

If it is could we for the second project select the change documents based on a date range? And will the documents of the second project that have a change stamp before this date range authomatically become visible once the second project is migrated?

Thanks for any clarification