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Nov 02, 2007 at 01:45 AM

Need urgent help in changing various settings in Enterprise Portal



I am working on Bi 7 and the reports run on Enterprise Portal.

Now i need to ask few questions.

I need to ask where to go and how to change few settings so that i can change the portal settings..

1) By default when query displays output on Portal , if there is data wide across left and right and top and bottom, by default it brings the PAGE TAB and COLUMN TABS....

How to change this default no. of data rows and blocks across, so that user can have more Scroll Facility rather than changing Pages and Columns.

2) By default if user visits next page, (I think this is Standard Portal setting, the data from Page 1 also visible on next Page 2 , i think this is there so that user does not forget what was the last data he/she was referring to).

3) Alternate Rows data is differentiated with Colours so , first row has white colour and second row has slight greyish colour....

Please advise ,

I am ready to learn changes this settings in Portal so that user has more flexibility while using this....

All such settings i remember i use to change by using STYLESHEETS in BW 3.5

But now i dont know how to do thiese changes in Bi 7 which is integrated with Portal...

Please advise.....