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Nov 01, 2007 at 10:28 AM

Posting for Sales Tax Clearing Account


Hi Gurus,

I'm a newcomer here, please help me with the following:

Question: Is it normal to have a clearing account for sales tax at the time of GR?

In normal GR entry for a goods price of 10,000.00 Rps, is it normal to have some posting like the below journal? If so, how?

<b>Goods receipt</b>

Dr: Material account (10,349,440.00 Rps)

Cr: GR/IR A/C (10,000,000.00 Rps)

Cr: ST Clearing A/C (349,440.00 Rps)

-> The Sales tax clearing is calculated for 3%.

<b>Excise Invoice Verification</b>

Dr: Cenvat A/C (1,600,000.00 Rps)

Dr: Ed. Cess on Cenvat A/C (32,000.00 Rps)

Dr: HIgher Ed. Cess on Cenvat A/C (16,000.00 Rps)

Cr: Cenvat Clearing A/C (1,648,000.00 Rps)

<b>Invoice Verification</b>

Dr: GR/IR A/C (10,000,000.00 Rps)

Dr: ST Clearing A/C (349,440.00 Rps)

Dr: Cenvat Clearing A/C (1,648,000.00 Rps)

Is it normal to have a posting like the above journal?

It seems like the system does not allow the posting of a tax clearing account during MIGO, it gets posted inside the GR/IR.

In the end, I want to use sales tax clearing account in GR and separate the figure from the GR/IR. I think I have done the necessary configuration in the tax processing and calculation procedure, but it's not working as expected.

Please give me a hand on this.


Is there anyone who knows about this?

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