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Sep 27, 2017 at 04:08 PM

IF_RSPLS_CR_METHODS~CREATE is not properly working


Hi folks,

I need to manipulate the the F4 entries in an input ready query of a characteristic say flow. So I implemented a characteristic relation ship based on exit with two characteristics, let's say account and flow (account is also in the query). I created a class which implements interface IF_RSPLS_CR_METHODS.

My very simplistic first approach is looking like hereafter. But when I am pressing F4 I am getting anyway all possible characteristic combinations. I expected to get only exactly ONE?!

Any idea?

<zc3accnt> = 'G38600'.

<zc3flow> = 'F00'.

INSERT <l_chas> into table e_th_chas.

Any idea?