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IF_RSPLS_CR_METHODS~CREATE is not properly working

Hi folks,

I need to manipulate the the F4 entries in an input ready query of a characteristic say flow. So I implemented a characteristic relation ship based on exit with two characteristics, let's say account and flow (account is also in the query). I created a class which implements interface IF_RSPLS_CR_METHODS.

My very simplistic first approach is looking like hereafter. But when I am pressing F4 I am getting anyway all possible characteristic combinations. I expected to get only exactly ONE?!

Any idea?

<zc3accnt> = 'G38600'.

<zc3flow> = 'F00'.

INSERT <l_chas> into table e_th_chas.

Any idea?

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2 Answers

  • Sep 28, 2017 at 08:15 AM

    Hi Thomas,

    you have checked that your exit is called via F4 help? Maybe your system is using F4 help mode based on master data?

    If your exit is called the filter used in the F4 help (CREATE method, parameter I_TSX_SELDR) might not contain any restriction for 'flow' or 'account'. If yes, the system also creates the so called automatically valid combinations; in this case you might get all master data values for 'flow' since the result of CREATE is projected to the requested characteristic in the F4 help.

    Automatically valid combinations:

    You relation contains account, flow, so any tuple (a,f) is automatically valid if a=# or f=#. These kind of combinations are created if the filter does not exclude the initial values. You can also use the flag EXCL# =X in your relation, then the system does not create the automatically valid combinations.

    Read the documentation in SE24 (methods are documented) and use your favorite search engine to more information about 'automatically valid combinations'.



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  • Sep 28, 2017 at 11:35 AM

    Hi Gregor,

    thanks for your answer:

    • the exit is called by F4, I put a breakpoint in the CREATE method and the sytem stops there
    • I_TSX_SELDIR looks like hereafter, so # is excluded in both cases
      ZC3FLOW E EQ
    • EXCL# is ticked

    so all done as you said, but anyhow it does not work

    any further ideas?

    kind regards, Thomas

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