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Nov 01, 2007 at 05:48 AM

BW ABAP string value not being saved when running from transaction


I have a large ABAP program used to upload flat-files into BW. The code contains an include which checks what system the code is being run on and updates a SERVER_PATH variable accordingly. i.e. if the user runs from BWD the temporary files are stored on the BWD server for later load to BW and BWP likewise.

The parent code is contained in a BW transaction ZIGGI.

When the code is run from ZIGGI the value for SERVER_PATH remains "initial"

When the code is run directly from SE38 the case statement returns the relevant value

Can anyone explain why this is happening and/or how it can be stopped...?

 DATA: SERVER_PATH TYPE string VALUE 'initial'.
*& Code to vary the server path depending on the system the code is
*being run on *
case sy-sysid.
  when 'BWD'.
    SERVER_PATH = '\bwdevtbwdtemp'.
  when 'BWP'.
    SERVER_PATH = '\bwpsrvbwdtemp'.
  when OTHERS.
    SERVER_PATH = 'default'.