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Oct 31, 2007 at 10:50 PM

Help with VC Model Timing


Hi, I have a model that presents an HTML View or an Error Dialog. The HTML View should appear if an URL is returned from the Web Service. If no URL is returned then the Error Dialog should appear instead.

The problem is that when a valid URL is returned from the Web Service the error dialog appears for just a second before the HTML View is presented . I think it has to do with timing of the the link between layers and the returning values from the web service.

I have a guard condition and a display condition on the HTML View of NOT ISNULL(@url). The error dialog (form) has a display condition of ISNULL(@url).

I've included a link to the Story Board Layout. Can someone tell me what I would have to do to prevent the Error Dialog from appearing just before the HTML View?

VC" target="_blank">">VC Model Image

Thanks, Ken Murray