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Former Member
Oct 31, 2007 at 03:42 PM

old db2 tablespace names in HR SP22 error log


Hi all,

We are applying HR support packages on a test box. This test instance is a copy of our production ERP instance. The copy was done using a backup/restore off the PRD database.

We get an error when applying SAPKE60020 because it is trying to create a table in a tablespace that does not exist. The tablespaces it is trying to access are of the pattern PRD#STABD, PRD#POOLD etc. PRD is copied to TST.

I have updated tables TADB6, TSDB6 and IADB6 and changed PRD to TST for all tablespaces. At the OS level if I run a "db2 list tablespaces" all the names show up as TST#<tablespacename>.

I am not sure why it is trying to access PRD#<tablespace>. Is there someplace else I need to make a change from the old name?