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Oct 31, 2007 at 01:25 PM

Upload of 0ACCOUNT_0109_HIER : new leaves not uploaded...


Hi Folks,

I've successfuly uploaded 1 hierarchy on 0ACCOUNT in BI with datasource 0ACCOUNT_0109_HIER.

Now, on R/3 side, someone added some new leaves in tcode KAH2. Unfortunatetly, when I upload the hierarchy again, those new leaves are not uploaded in the hierarchy...

On R/3, in tcode RSA6, if I execute a DS extraction test on 0ACCOUNT_0109_HIER, system shows me all existing hierarchies ; when I display the one I 'm interested in, the new leaves are not visible ! (which explain why those new leaves are not uploaded in BI).

Does anyone know how to automatically update hierarchy tree visible when testing DS in RSA6 ?

I can't imagine you need to create the new leaves manually once again in RSA6...

Thanks for any help