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How do I change my e-mail address?

Sep 27, 2017 at 08:43 PM


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How do I change my email?



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Jürgen L
Sep 27, 2017 at 08:46 PM

already tried searching?

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Yes, I have, which is why I'm posting here. All of the answers that I found were people telling others to either search for it or to post with the tag "Using"


I get why you assume I'm just some random forum idiot since I'm new.

The first link is about I am not talking about that site. I am talking about

The second link led me to the page that told me to search the site (which I did), and if I couldn't find it, to post here (which I did).

The third link led me to something called Launchpad, which I apparently don't have proper access to.

The fourth link, I clicked both links, and I can't access Launchpad, and the email input is disabled on the second link.

The fifth link is for SCN again.

Again, I was told by the website to post my question here since I'm on a new type of profile system.


People say SCN because the community was called SCN from 2012 to 2016. You have just one account in (except you opened several with different references and email addresses) And as you can't access the launchpad it can be assumed that you have a P account.


Nope, I just have this one account. I need to change the email address on it to my new one. :)


And honestly, I think this issue needs more visibility. If I have to go this far to try to figure out how to change my email, there is room for improvement in the area of user experience. I searched the forums, searched Q&As, and checked both Edit My Profile and Account Settings.


I certainly agree that there is room for improvement, I just added it here:

Please vote.


OK, hehe, here's another issue. I clicked on the link, and it asked me to upgrade my account and include my company industry, but I'm just a student. :) There needs to be another option instead of making up a random business name and choosing whatever industry sounds interesting.


notifying Kuhan Milroy herewith


Point taken, thanks.


I use my own company name for my P-user (I created this profile, when I was working on a freelance role), but it was surprising that now I had to answer the question whether I participate in a user group before up-voting Jürgen's idea. And this is after I have already used the site, posted an idea there and voted on other people's ideas. Seriously? How is this even relevant to the improvement suggestion? Poor design decisions one after another...

Anyway... if I were you, I would have given up (the topic on user profiles has been hanging around for years with little to no progress) and create a new profile with the new e-mail address. You have just one question (unless something else ended up in moderator's queue), no followers/following and you probably do not have other subscriptions, connected to this P-user.