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Sep 27, 2017 at 05:40 PM

sap Authenticator for iOs - Cannot verify server identity !!!


I’m in trouble with SAP Authenticator on iOS 10.3.3 (iPhone 7 plus).

I’ve installed and configured SAP Secure Login Server (SLS) 3.0 SP02 for OTP

Now, I wanted to setup the SAP Authenticator App on my iPhone (iOS 10.3.3).

Step1: I installed the SAP Authenticator App from Apple store on iPhone7

Step2: Calling the OTP Website https://<sls-server>:<Port>/otp from my computer was fine.I could see the QR Code and the password for the activation.

So far no problem...

Step3: I tried to add a new account to SAP Authenticator App on my iPhone

by pressing + and scanning the QR Code.

An error message comes up: Cannot verify server identity !!

That’s the self-signed RootCA of my SAP Secure Login Server 3.0 SP02

I don’t know how to get my self signed RootCA from SLS Server imported into my iPhone7. The SAP Authenticator App doesn’t give me an option (as Safari would do)

to import the RootCA Certificate and make it trustworthy. It shows the error message and I can press OK which cancels the activation step.

On Microsoft environment the QR Code is working

The SAP Authenticator App on Microsoft’s store is working on Windows 8 Workstation, because I can insert the URL and the Passcode from Secure Login Server’s OTP Web Site manually.