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Showing midnight time in BEx

Sep 27, 2017 at 02:06 PM


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Is there a conversion routine for time? We have a ZComplTIME that is a reference to 0time (TIMS), no conversion routine used. From ECC , blank time comes as 00:00:00 to ZComplTIME and ZComplTIME shows blank as 00:00:00 in display infoprovider but # in BEx level. The issue comes when a midnight time comes along from ECC, a genuine 00:00:00 , not a blank. Bex reports it as #.

Now there is a completion date field and if the date field is blank then ZComplTIME is definitely 00:00:00 (blank), but if date field is populated , ZComplTIME if a 00:00:00 is a midnight case. Any ideas how to display genuine midnight cases as 00:00:00 and blanks as # in BEx?

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Loed Despuig Sep 30, 2017 at 04:14 AM


How about having a routine in your transformation using your conditions?

if time = '000000'.

if date is not initial.

result = '240000'.




Not sure if 240000 will be accepted but give it a try. Else, you may use '000001' instead.



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