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Sep 27, 2017 at 07:16 AM

Workflow rules on Different business objects, Lead and Contact.


My Requirement related to Standard functionalities

Dear All,

IS there any standard functionalities that support my case,

After I update Lead owner to me, I want all contact's owner with that Lead update the same owner of Lead (which is my ID)

For Example, Lead A is create by Sales A, with Account A, Account A contains 4 contacts, Contacts A, B, C, and D

Owner of Lead A and All 4 Contacts is Sales A

My requirement is After Sales A declined Lead A, and assigned to Sales B manually (Changes Lead A's owner to Sales B manually)

Now Lead A's owner change to Sales B

and I want All 4 Contacts's owner automatically change to Sales B too

As far as I know “Workflow Rules” isn’t support auto fields update across different business object, for example, Contact business object and Lead business object.

Please Guide