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Sep 26, 2017 at 11:22 PM

C4C and SolMan Service Integration...


Dear Experts,

I want to integrate C4C services and SolMan incident management. All tickets for employees created in C4C need to be replicated to SolMan. I followed the next blog How to create incidents in Solution Manager 7.1 from the external application .... The response from the web service will be saved in a custom field and I will be passing the ticket created in C4C for updating Status . The document will be blocked in C4C and only will be handled in SolMan. Only status will be updated in C4C from SolMan. I really appreciate if you can tell me the best approach for achieving this requirement. I already triggered the service from "soapui" and I needed to set some fields mandatory. According to me the big steps will be:

  1. Expose the service in SAP PO
  2. Invoke the External the web service in C4C and triggered when ticket is created
  3. Save the response-incident created in solman
  4. Enhance the service in solman to update status in C4C ticket

Best Regards

David C.