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Sep 26, 2017 at 04:06 PM



Italian Sales Tax Book imply legal requirements. DOES ANYONE KNOW if these are possible to be implemented in BYD? HAS ANYONE ALREADY come across these needs and how did resolve? Below a brief high level explanation of what this is all about.

ITALIAN SALES TAX BOOK: according to Italian fiscal legislation, every value-added tax (VAT) transaction must belong to a tax book (Libro IVA) that will be used for tax reporting. Sales tax books can be of different types. You must specify the sales tax book type to help guarantee that all sales and purchase transactions are included on the Italian sales tax payment report. You can keep as many sales tax books of the Sales and Purchase types as you require. Every tax book can be divided into multiple tax book sections (Sezionale IVA). All sales tax transactions must be sequentially numbered (without gaps) and ordered by posting date. A tax book section is equivalent to a number sequence for the Italian sales tax voucher number (Protocollo IVA) that must always be applied during posting to help guarantee chronological order by posting date.