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Using SQL CONTAINS(*, ) returns no results


I am working with an existing standard Business Object query in Hybris Marketing which builds a SELECT statement that just uses CONTAINS(*, ..) on an attribute view. I have added a ZZ field from a supplied customer include on an underlying table into this view, but am unable to search the values in this field using the CONTAINS(*, ...). When records are returned using some other search criteria, the value of the ZZ field is correctly populated, so it has been included in the attribute view successfully.

I thought initially that the lack of search on this field was because there wasn't a full_text index on it, but after creating this index and confirming that it was active, I still cannot search for values in this ZZ field.

Does anyone know why a field with a full text index in an underlying table would not be searchable using the CONTAINS(*,...) syntax SELECTing from an attribute view? I should mention that when using the CONTAINS(*,...) syntax on the underlying table directly, the SELECT works as expected and returns the relevant rows.



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  • If this is about a HANA based system, please tag the question accordingly. Also, the textual description of your issues doesn't help anyone to figure out what's happening. Include code and data to reproduce the behaviour, instead.

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