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Oct 30, 2007 at 08:42 PM

Editor typing 'help'


I have the SAP Netweaver SP12 Trial Version successfully loaded. This is my upgrade from the version that came with the 2002 'ABAP Objects' book.

This version is slightly different. A couple of questions.

First, when I am entering - manually typing, that is - an example program from the book to test. If I am entering the word 'selection-screen', for example. When I type 'se' a little pop-up shows just above my cursor with 'SET SCREEN'. I add the 'l' and it shows 'SELECT'. Add the 'ect' and it show 'SELECT-OPTIONS'. And, add the 'i' and it shows 'SELECTION-SCREEN', which is what I want. My question: Is this only to try to help me to spell things correctly, or is there some key combination that I can use to accept the 'hint' and have it auto-fill the full command?

Second. I have extracted the data and the included example programs. The original installation I made from the CDs included with the 'ABAP Objects' book had almost every piece of code that Mr. Keller & Ms. Krueger put in that book - even pieces of code that didn't actually run yet. I have found some of the code - but is there a way to get all of the example code that is in the book, that is included on the CD with the book?