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Oct 30, 2007 at 07:03 PM



I need some expert help on this topic. My company is currently going through a transition stage of moving from Hyperion to BEx. In Hyperion there is a formula similar to the Bexgetdata formula that lets us pull the information out of Hyperion and put it into a spreadsheet.

I went to 3 different training classes and the trainers did not know much about this function. After fooling around with it I somewhat know how to use it but I am running into some very big limitations. For instance, my company has over 2000 cost and profit centers. We need to run P&L's monthly for each of these cost and profit centers. With Hyperion all I had to do was change the profit center in the formula and it gave me that profit centers numbers.

With the bexgetdata function you have to open a new workbook and attach the query to it through Workbook settings. The problem I have is that i have to create a query that has every single account for every single facility for every single month we have data for. Since the query has to refresh in the background it will usually take 20+ minutes and will eventually time out. I thought I could get around this by using the hierarchy and only expanding it to 0. This would only run the data for the top level but also have the data for the profit centers as well. I found out that unless you expand the hierarchy to the profit center level it will not pull the data in Bexgetdata which brings me back to having to create a gigantic query that times out.

Any help would be appreciated.

We use Bex 7.0