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The types of the parameter field and parameter field current values are not compatible


My company develop program in php using Crystal Report,

and I don't know why I face this issue when I go to the web. Meanwhile it is running well in the Main Report Preview.

I already compare the parameters passed between php to aspx.vb, and aspx.vb to crystal report .

IN aspx.vb :

Dim szEntityID As String = Decode(Request.QueryString("szEntityID")) Dim szBranchID As String = Decode(Request.QueryString("szBranchID")) Dim szBranchID2 As String = Decode(Request.QueryString("szBranchID2")) Dim szSBranchID1 As String = Decode(Request.QueryString("szSBranchID1")) Dim szSBranchID2 As String = Decode(Request.QueryString("szSBranchID2")) Dim szReportName As String = Decode(Request.QueryString("szRN")) REM Dim szStatus As String = Decode(Request.QueryString("szStatus")) Dim szYear As String = Decode(Request.QueryString("szYear")) Dim szMonth As String = Decode(Request.QueryString("szMonth")) Dim szCOut As String = Decode(Request.QueryString("szCOut")) Dim szArea As String = Decode(Request.QueryString("szArea")) Dim szCmbArea As String = Decode(Request.QueryString("szCmbArea")) Dim szPropID As String = Decode(Request.QueryString("szPropID")) Dim szKotMadID As String = Decode(Request.QueryString("szKotMadID")) Dim szKecID As String = Decode(Request.QueryString("szKecID")) Dim szKelID As String = Decode(Request.QueryString("szKelID")) Dim szBadDebt As String = Decode(Request.QueryString("szBadDebt")) Dim szCollID As String = Decode(Request.QueryString("szCollID")) Dim szCategory As String = Decode(Request.QueryString("szCategory")) Dim szGrp_Name As String = Decode(Request.QueryString("szGrp_Name"))

below is the parameters that pass to crystal report :

cp.SelectionFormula = szFormula

'-----------SETTING PARAMATERS ---------------------------------------------------

'sort Index Array Parameter compare with Parameter in file Crystal Report (.rpt)

ReDim Preserve szParams(7)

szParams(0) = szBulan
szParams(1) = KeteranganBadDebt
szParams(2) = szArea
szParams(3) = szCmbArea
szParams(4) = szPropID
szParams(5) = szKotMadID
szParams(6) = szKecID
szParams(7) = szKelID



using this in the same order (AS String)


as you can see all of the parameters set to string. any ideas why I get the "The types of the parameter field and parameter field current values are not compatible" error?

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    Sep 26, 2017 at 04:00 PM

    CR does not support PHP.


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