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Oct 30, 2007 at 11:51 AM

CAT2 duplicate PS network activities showing in personal template



We are using SAP_APPL 4.7, support pack 22 and SAP_HR 4.7, support pack 10.

I don't know much about CATS & PS, but I provide our end user support.

We are using transaction CAT2 to report hours worked against PS network activities. We have run into a glitch when using the 'Save as Template' feature which creates a personal template. In our situation a person will add a network activity in the data entry area of CAT2. After they input their time they press the 'save as template' icon. Then when they enter CAT2 the following week to report their time, the network activity is still listed in the data entry area for them to enter their time. This part is working fine.

Now let's assume someone goes into project systems (CJ20N) and changes the network activity description (which shows in CAT2 as a informational output field). The person entering time then goes into CAT2. Their template is showing the network activity in the data entry area with the old description. When they input their hours and press enter, the new network activity description is pulled in on the time sheet, overlaying the old original description. At this point they still see one entry in their time sheet. Now here is the glitch - if the person goes in the following week to enter their time, they see two entries in the data entry area - one with the old description and one with the new description. Both records show the same network activity number, but now 2 records are appearing in their template because the description changed.

Our 'work around' has been to have people delete their personal template and recreate it from scratch if they see these 'double entries' due to a description change. Does anyone know a better way to handle this or if there is 'fix' that we can apply to correct this issue so we don't see two records? I did some looking in OSS, the only duplicate entry reference I could find was OSS note 1058293, however it was related to WBSs and was not for our release. Can anyone help? Thanks!