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How to download list of sales orders from SAP with the list of sales orders in excel?

Hi All,

I have already created 100+ Sales orders in SAP and I have the list of sales order in excel sheet. Currently i am downloading the each sales order one by one from SAP in PDF format.

Steps in downloading the sales orders from SAP in PDF format.

1) Copy the sales order in Excel "A1" column.
2) Paste the sales order number in sap customize tcode "YLO3" - enter
3) Short cut - F6 (Print output via PDF - cute pdf already installed)
4) SHIFT + F1
5) PDF order pop-up and asking to save in one folder.
6) finally i will save the order in sales order name.

Can anyone let me know how to automate with out manual intervention.

Requirement - In excel list of sales orders will be available and i have to just use one button (macro or something else). PDFs needs to be generated from SAP to SYSTEM in excel list of sales order wise.
For example:-
Excel sheet list contains
A1 cell - 900005001
A2 cell - 900005002 and so on.

In Desktop in any folder name - "SO PDF OUTPUT"
900005002.pdf and so on...

Kindly help me on this friends

Thank you

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1 Answer

  • Sep 26, 2017 at 09:56 AM

    You've chosen the wrong tag for your question which decreases its chances to be answered which I have changed to the appropriate tag now.

    You can learn more about tags at and browse all existing tags here:

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    Now coming to your query, your requirement is not clear. Answer the below questions

    1. Why do you download PDF in excel? Explain the business process
    2. Has output type for PDF not assigned to order type?
    3. If not, why?
    4. After completing step 6, what further action is expected?

    Last but not least, did you search SCN or Google to find out solution to your requirement ? Please make sure you have searched all existing content -- as the answers may already be available.

    Try to use these search options, too:

    SAP Search

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