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Oct 30, 2007 at 10:08 AM

Data Extraction & BW Info Cube



This is the first time i am going work on marketing and campaign management.

before that i want know abt wht is data extractions.

We are creating the target groups using the ELM, Info cubes (BW Query),

I know the procedure of the ELM, But need know the more information Abt Info cubes,

How the info cube is created in BW (Ex:- client requirement is origin European Countries, Customer Sales volume $1m).

Need some more information:

1). Wht is Extraction (CRM--> BW vice versa)

2). Wht is exact procedure (how the BW consultant can write the Query

ex: - during 98-99 more $1m sales given customers)

3). Once the query written in the BW how it will replicate to CRM

I want know, as a CRM consultant wht is our role exactly while fulfill these requirement.

Plz help me to implement this issue (if possible explain me with the example)